author websites
An author’s website is a critical part of a long-term marketing strategy. Working with authors, publishers and experts in marketing, publicity and social media, I Libri creates sophisticated solutions that support our clients’ marketing objectives and branding. examples ⟶

book design & production
A well-designed book interior is a subtle and specialized design form. I Libri’s designs allow readers to immerse themselves in the reading experience; supporting and enhancing content without overwhelming or distracting from it. Our typographic expertise covers the spectrum from fiction to art books to complex content and pedagogy without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or readability. examples ⟶

cover design
Eye-catching, appropriate design is important because books are judged by their covers. I Libri crafts custom cover designs to fit the specific marketing context; captivating the attention of a trade purchaser is not identical to impressing decision makers in higher education. examples ⟶

I Libri provides custom design and production services for print and digital media.

We work closely with our clients, whether individual authors or entire publishing and marketing teams. For decades, we have seamlessly fit into project teams spread across multiple continents and time zones. Our collaborative approach helps translate our clients’ objectives and desires into visually appealing, high-quality books, publications and digital media that work well.

Quality and professionalism are our hallmarks, whether handling a single aspect or the complete design and production cycle for print and digital media.

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Production services can include art direction and production, photo research, proofreading, eBook conversion assistance, and project management.