At I Libri, we fully grasp how deeply a book or an website’s design and production affects its readability, its capacity to seamlessly transfer information, its desirability as a reference tool or an object in its own right, and ultimately, its sales. Our approach to printed and digital media is shaped by decades of visual and information design experience, and a commitment to creating the best solution possible.

Complex content is our specialty, but even the most straightforward project can benefit from our attention to the right details. I Libri’s fluid, creative design solutions facilitate and enhance your audience’s connection with the content. Our expertise in crafting engaging designs that maximize functionality ensures users assimilate complex concepts in a meaningful and lasting way. We have a keen understanding of the marriage of form and content and we are adept at striking the right balance between the two.

Books and digital development are not traditionally solo endeavors. Whether you need a little bit of consultation or a whole lot of help, I Libri can fit into your processes exactly as needed. We deliver thorough, deadline and budget sensitive solutions for digital and print media. We foster collaboration and solid partnerships with our clients, resulting in products that exceed expectations and truly work well for the intended audience. Regardless of where your project may fall on the spectrum, it receives the same level of professionalism and thorough attention to detail. That’s a promise.

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principal designer:
Kristen Weber excels in making information easily accessible without sacrificing aesthetics. This is the reason her creative work has garnered professional awards and kudos from users and reviewers alike. read more . . .

I Libri is no stranger to the hard and soft sciences, or the arts and humanities. Over the years, we have designed and produced textbooks and publications across multiple disciplines, often for top-selling authors in their fields. Our software and web interfaces have helped solidify strategic advantage for industry leaders, as well as providing critically acclaimed assistance for laymen and professionals.

I Libri is pronounced “ee lee-bree”, and is the plural form of “book” in Italian. As avid readers, the term is naturally appealing. As typographers, we are drawn to how the letterforms work together.