The websites shown below have been created in collaboration with the authors, publishers, and marketing & publicity experts for each specific project. In each case, content is showcased within a site working in tandem with the featured book’s branding


Book and author website for A New Reality: Human Evolution for a Sustainable Future by Jonas Salk and Jonathan Salk, with David Dewane and foreword by Elizabeth Blackburn.

The site supports the revised and newly released edition of this hopeful vision for humanity, the community, and readers in multiple ways: Online sales of a special stamped-and-signed edition of the book; featured independent bookstores offering the book; in-depth information about the authors and contributors including video, interviews and articles; a gallery of selected spreads which show the book’s clear, clean graphic approach to complex data; links to research and data resources supporting the book’s thesis; listings of and links to like-minded organizations and suggested reading; and more.

Advance website supporting the Kickstarter campaign to publish Paws to Comfort by Jenn Mar with Skye Quinn. This highly illustrated book is a project of Inspiring Comfort, LLC, a social good business dedicated to increasing human connection through teaching the skill of comforting.

The site provides information about the book and the pending fundraising campaign: a gallery of representative spreads of selected content, a table of contents, background information on the authors and the organization behind the book, information on the Kickstarter Campaign and how site visitors can become involved, as well as learn more about comforting as a skill.

Book and author website for The Nightingale’s Sonata: The Musical Odyssey of Lea Luboshutz by Thomas Wolf.

The site offers a remarkable collection of resources supporting and supplementing this historical narrative of an internationally renowned female violinist and a legendary musical family — well beyond key information about the book, its author and purchasing information. Readers and those interested in the characters and rich history will find galleries of rare and historical photographs from family archives, a narrative timeline, an annotated list of characters with family trees, extensive musical resources for listening and viewing online, recommended readings, and a blog with lively recountings of stories and historical notes not found in the book.

Author website for Tomer Inbar, poet, translator, and author of In the World Enormous.

In addition to information about the book and its author, the site offers selected poems and published translations of Saibara, a genre of Japanese folk song formalized in the Heian period. The site features the photography of Jill Inbar.

Website for Sextant Press, publisher of Short Season by DJ Scott.

The site supports this military thriller with relevant book information highlighted with an excerpt. The majority of the photos have been sourced from the public domain with credits provided for each one.

Author website for Justin Jamail, poet and author of Exchangable Bonds.

In addition to information about the book and its author, the site offers selected poems.

Book and author website for The Belle of Two Arbors by Paul Dimond, featuring the poetry of Martha Buhr Grimes.

The site offers thorough support for poetry lovers and readers of this “historical novel, told in the context of dramatic events at the University of Michigan,” as well as a unique mix of supplemental resources: Events and presentations related to the people, places and Michigan history captured in the book; historic videos related to the book and its settings (the poet laureate, Robert Frost and President John F. Kennedy); and so much more.

Website for Denise Chanterelle DuBois, author of Self-Made Woman.

The site highlights this transformational memoir of Dennis’ anything-but-routine journey to becoming Denise with relevant book information augmented with an excerpt and a book trailer by the filmaker James Westby.

Website for Ruth Coe Chambers, author of House on the Forgotten Coast and the Bay Harbor trilogy.

The website showcases the author’s latest fictional work set in Apalachacola, Florida. The house and town of Apalachacola are key characters in this mystery spanning the past and present. Public domain photos of the setting are featured in the site’s visual design and imagery.

Website for Raymond Ahrens, author of True East and Drive.

The site highlights the author’s most recent book, True East, a fictional adventure set in the heart of the Amazon. Key information for this book and earlier works are incorporated into the site as well as a blog.

Website for Sensing Light by Mark A. Jacobson.

This fictional novel set in the first decade of the AIDS epidemic is showcased in a site offering readers information on the book and the author, as well as additional information on the medical .

Website for Lisa Reisman, journalist and author of 5 Months 10 Years 2 Hours.

In addition to information about this inspirational memoir of survival and its author, the site offers readers a rich selection of Lisa’s writing in the form of articles and blog posts. Site visitors can keep track of the author’s appearances and speaking engagements.

Author website for Wendy Gordon, journalist and author of Wrong Highway.

The site highlights information about this novel of domestic fiction set in the 80s and its author, as well as offering supporting materials for readers: a reader’s guide, a playlist and an excerpt.


related arts & industry websites


A clean, elegant website for publicist and publishing sherpa, Mary Bisbee-Beek.

Site showcasing the ceramic creations of ifpottery: functional, minimal, and meant to used daily.

Photography website for Bradford Benson.